Tips for Your Freshman Year of College

If you’re heading into your freshman year of college, you’re going to need some pointers on how to adapt to campus life.

Plan Your Living Situation

It’s good to get in contact with your dorm roommate in advance, not just to make friends, but to plan who’s bringing what. Additionally, it pays off to stay organized, so make sure you grab plenty of portable storage.

Get Requirements Out of the Way

You may want to plunge headfirst into a major, but for the first year or two, focus on completing required gen-ed classes so that you don’t lose passion or steam in later years. Also, try to think less about grades and more about hitting due dates and doing your best.

Learn Time Management Skills

Don’t overload your schedule with tons of credit hours and extracurriculars. Find what you’re passionate about and dedicate yourself. Quality over quantity, as the saying goes.

Take Your Health into Account

Lots of college students don’t eat right and don’t get enough sleep, so learn some cooking skills and budget your time in ways that allow you to catch more shut-eye.


People buy a lot of things that they don’t need. When you’re in college, you need to learn to budget your money and only pick up what you really can’t pass up

Your freshman year of college can be overwhelming, but stick to these tips and we at Basney Honda know you’ll have an easier time getting it together.

freshman year of college

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