Tips for Crating Your Dog



Tips for Crating Your Dog

As some of you already know, road tripping with your dog in tow can be an awesome experience. On the practical side, you save money on a kennel; on the emotional side, you don’t have to worry about your furry friend getting lonely or being mistreated. Then there is just the benefit of experiencing everything with your best friend! But there isa right and wrong way to
crating your dog.

The following are some helpful tips for crating your dog:

Think like a dog. If you think putting your dog in a crate seems like a terrible thing to do, take some advice from Cesar Milan, the revered Dog Whisperer: “Don’t project your feelings onto your dog.” He says that dogs often enjoy being in a crate because they feel safe in there. Just because you as a human don’t like the idea, doesn’t mean that’s how dogs think.

Exercise your dog beforehand. To make sure your dog’s experience in his crate is as good as it can be, make sure he gets plenty of exercise before they go in. Stop often on your trip to make sure that his energy doesn’t build up. It will also give them a chance to use the bathroom!

Stay positive. Don’t make any vocalizations or gestures that might suggest that the crate isn’t the coolest place in the world to be. Let your dog go in on his own. Putting his favorite blanket or toy inside can help lure him inside.

Though it may not seem as fun, crating your dog during road travel keeps your friend safe and also keeps him from distracting you.

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