Team Honda Week of Service Lends a Helping Hand

Team Honda Week of Service

We Are Team Honda

Every summer, Honda offers a way for volunteers to give back to their communities in a big way. The Team Honda Week of Service is set to bring in a large amount of donations every year from now on. This year’s week of service took place in June and was spread across North America. With an eye for helping community organizations, the Team Honda Week of Service certainly made a difference this year.

More than 16,000 volunteers came together to take part in the Honda Week of Service, the first ever. One major community that saw a helping hand was Agape Distribution, located in Sidney, Ohio. The non-profit agency keeps a food bank where people can shop for groceries for free. In June, Honda volunteers painted the store’s exterior, bringing new life to the food bank.

Agape Distribution was just one of hundreds of community organizations that saw support from Honda’s Week of Service. In all, the Team Honda Week of Service saw the following donations:

  • 3,000 families fed
  • 200 animals helped or adopted
  • 350 bags of trash collected
  • 600 pints of blood donated
  • 60,000 canned goods and meals provided
  • Much, much more!

Look at all the great Community Service we are doing in South Bend, IN and the surrounding areas. We’d love your support!

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