Notre Dame University at a Glance

One of the things we love most here at Basney Honda is being located near Notre Dame University. Whether serving the student population or partaking in any of the great business in the surrounding college town, we appreciate everything this reputable university has brought to Notre Dame and nearby cities. Here are just a few fun facts about Notre Dame University!

It was founded by a French priest

Edward F. Sorin of the French missionary order known as the Congregation of the Holy Cross founded Notre Dame in 1842 (Psst – ‘Notre Dame’ means ‘Our Lady’ in French, referring to Mother Mary).

Notre Dame is still a religious institution

The university’s board is run by a mix of intellectual and religious thinkers who aim to stay true to Father Sorin’s original vision of a Catholic university.

Residency is a big deal

Four out of five Notre Dame students lives on campus. The reason for this is that the student body is not only learning how to think, but also how to live.

Breakthrough research is a tradition here

Wireless message transmissions, synthetic rubber, and glider flight were all invented here at Notre Dame.

With so much pride and heritage in our school here at Notre Dame University, it’s no wonder that we here at Basney Honda are proud to serve the area!

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