New Features on the 2017 Honda Pilot

2017 Honda Pilot

Piloting It’s Way To South Bend

As Honda prepares to release its new Pilot, everyone is wondering what the 2017 edition is going to add. The good news for auto fans everywhere is that Honda is adding quite a bit to this year’s model. Here are just some of the features that the updated model will offer.

One of the biggest upgrades to the Pilot is the new 8.0-inch infotainment center stack screen with a coating that protects the screen from dirty fingers. This new infotainment system is now going to feature Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well.

For the uninitiated, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto allow drivers or passengers to plug their Apple or Android device into their vehicle. Once plugged in, the display screen shows the phone interface, and drivers are able to access all of their apps (maps, music, messages, etc.) on the screen.

Maybe the most important feature of this new technology is that it allows drivers to control all of their apps with their voice so that they don’t have to look down at their device while driving. The goal is to make texting and driving less of a problem.

Although there are other new features as well, people are very excited about the convenience of this new technology. The 2017 Honda Pilot is already at Basney Honda near South Bend, IN! Come take a look at it today.

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