How to Check Your Tire Pressure

how to check tire pressure

Under Pressure?

Knowing how to check your tire pressure in your car’s tires is one of the most important skills to have in the winter. Since cold air reduces air pressure, you need to be able to check it frequently and make sure that the pressure is still where it needs to be. Checking tire pressure is a piece of cake, though!

Buy a pressure gauge. You can check the pressure at a gas station, but their gauges aren’t as accurate as one you can buy from the store. These can range from pretty cheap at around $5 to fairly expensive at upwards of $30 depending on how fancy you want it. The more expensive ones have digital read screens, and some can tell you the pressure aloud.

Uncap your tire stem. Once you have your gauge, all you have to do is uncap the tire stem located on the inside of the tire.

Insert the nozzle of the gauge into the tire stem. Wait a few seconds for the gauge to get a reading.

Check your pressure when your tires are cold. If your tires are warm, you’ll get an inaccurate reading. And when you’re done, don’t forget to recap the gauge.

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