Honda’s Development Plans: The Streets, The Race Track And The Sky

In the spirit of the saying “go big or go home,” Honda has made some rather dramatic New Year’s resolutions. Some of them involve alternative propulsion vehicles, others involve brand-new engines, and one even involves a jet.


Honda FCEV Concept Car

Honda’s future development plans include moving forward with three different alternative energy vehicle formats: hydrogen-powered, battery-powered, and a plug-in.

At the Detroit International Auto Show, Honda talked about plans to cover all the bases in the alternative propulsion vehicles field. John Mendel, executive vice president of American Honda, indicated that it would move forward with three different vehicle formats, saying, “One would be a plug-in, one would be a battery, one would be hydrogen.”

Honda’s development plans also call for a new family of engines. They will be turbocharged four-cylinder engines and put together in Ohio. We’ll see them as soon as later this year.

Honda will also be making an excursion into the aviation industry. The HondaJet is an “advanced light jet…designed for business customers” according to Forbes. The automaker/jetmaker is awaiting FAA approval, but the HondaJet has already completed its first flight last summer.

Speaking of speed, Honda is making its return to Formula One racing in March. Team McLaren will be employing Honda’s 1.6-liter, turbocharged engine to power its F1 race cars.

Maybe some of us can take inspiration from Honda as we try to keep our New Year’s resolutions. Losing weight seems so much more feasible when you think about what it takes to build a jet! Stop by Basney Honda to learn more about these great Honda plans!

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