Honda Prepares For HondaJet Production


Honda has been hard at work creating new aircrafts for the private plane sector. Image From Michael Pereckas.

When you’re one of the best automakers out there, it just makes sense to try your hand in producing other forms of communication and commuting. For Honda, that means the HondaJet. Considered the most advanced light jet available, Honda’s new high-flying endeavor is the company’s first foray into the jet segment, though it seems to be a successful one. The Japanese carmaker (and now, plane-maker) recently announced that they have created the first production HondaJet and are preparing to introduce the plane to the market soon.

“Honda Aircraft Company’s most important goals are achieving Federal Aviation Administration Type Certification and delivering the first customer aircraft,” said Honda Aircraft Company President and CEP Michimasa Fujino. “Our total effort is focused on reaching these much anticipated milestones in the first quarter of 2015.”

Currently, Honda Aircraft has nine HondaJet’s on the final assembly line with four mated to their wings and empennages. The goal for the company is to reach ten aircrafts on the assembly line in June. This goal is to ensure that the HondaJet is prepared for delivery as soon as it receives type certification next year.

While we might not sell the HondaJet at Basney Honda, we think Honda deserves recognition for such a major achievement. We also wonder how manufacturing HondaJets will influence Honda’s model line-up. We bet it will be pretty cool! If you’re looking for transportation that doesn’t have wings, make sure you stop by our dealer lots today and see what Honda has to offer you!

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