Honda XR-V Makes Debut in China

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Honda’s focusing on making vehicles with a more global appeal which is why the Honda XR-V coming out in China soon will come to the U.S. under a different name – the Honda HR-V.

When it comes to designing cars, “global appeal” seems to be the key phrase. More and more carmakers are moving toward creating global products every second, and Honda has finally joined the pack with its new compact crossover. The crossover, which was unveiled last year as the Vezel, is set for Europe and North America as the HR-V, but in China, it’s known as something different—the Honda XR-V.


The XR-V, which was recently revealed to the Chinese market, is based closely on the Vezel, but with a few changes. A variety of unique bodywork and SUV-like touches have created a rugged silhouette that is sure to impress in the Chinese market. Like the Subaru XV Crosstrek, the Honda XV-R has muscular wheel arches and a masculine grille and bumper that create an overall aggressive look.


While the XR-V is currently still considered a concept car, it looks as if it could become a production model as is. 1.5- and 1.8-liter engines are mentioned as possible powertrain options, while other details are still kept under wrap.


For more information on the arrival of the Honda XR-V, under the name HR-V, in the U.S., make sure to check back to Basney Honda soon!

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