Honda Wander Micro-Vehicles to be Revealed at Tokyo Motor Show

Honda Wander Micro-Vehicles

Unveiling The Future

Many would say that Honda has already mastered the art of the automobile, and as such, it appears that they’re exploring a smaller, more specific market: personal micro-vehicles, meant for just one passenger.


Honda has created a line called “Wander,” which explores their new world of micro-vehicles, based on the belief that “people should be able to get around easily with smaller, simple vehicles.”


The Honda Wander micro-vehicles will have their debut at the Tokyo Motor Show, and then we’ll get to learn more about these odd machines. Until then, images of this new, innovative method of transportation will have to suffice.


The vehicles appear to be a mix of a pod and a motorized bike, and yet, they look like nothing else on the market. Their appearance is truly unique, highlighting Honda’s ability to create one-of-a-kind vehicle.
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