Is a Honda Type R Release Planned for North America?

Honda Type R Taking on the Nurburgring Race way

This image, a still from the video below, show the Honda Type R taking on the Nurburgring race way. We hope that it will be able to take on American roadways soon as well.

Remember that hot red, 276 horsepower Type R from Honda’s clever “The Other Side” ad? You know, the vehicle European consumers have gotten to enjoy for years while those of us in the United States had to settle for a 100% animated version in our commercials.

Turns out Honda’s fans won’t let that little bait-and-switch slide without grasping for some sign of the Type R coming to North America. With the British are producing and enjoying the most impressive Type R to date, we are left with Honda’s more family-friendly models.

Now rumors are flying around that a Honda Type R release is scheduled for North America. We at Basney Honda are wondering—could that be true?

According to an insider with Honda’s publicity, “While Honda certainly does hold a Turbocharged 2.0 Liter “EarthDreams” engine in its world-engine arsenal, no plans for the sale of, or inclusion of, the 2.0 Liter Turbo is (currently) scheduled as an option for any Honda car or light trucks manufactured in or imported to the US.”

However, Torque News speculates that turbocharged engines like the Type R’s are giving off increasingly low emissions, lasting longer, and are made of lighter materials. Thus, in the long run they’ll be appealing to American consumers while abiding by EPA regulations.

So, check out the Honda Type R in the video below, and don’t give up hope on an American Type R being released in America just yet!

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