Honda’s New Musical Investment – Honda Stage Launch

Honda Stage logo

Honda’s expanding beyond cars and starting to invest in music with their Honda Stage launch.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Honda is probably cars, but surprisingly enough, the Japanese carmaker is also building their influence in another industry—music. Honda recently announced a new program, called Honda Stage, that together companies like Clear Channel Media and Entertainment (iHeartRadio), Live Nation, REVOLT, Vevo, and YouTube to produce some of the highest-quality music ever. Now, with the Honda Stage launch, music-lovers can interact with music more than ever before.

“Breaking through the clutter and reaching younger buyers through traditional advertising is proving more and more difficult in the always-on, digital generation,” said Tom Peyton, assistant vice president of Advertising and Marketing for American Honda Motor Co., Inc. “Honda is making an even bigger investment in music than ever before. To bring this type of experience to music lovers we had to assemble a program from scratch bring together both live and online elements that can only be found through Honda State.”

The Honda Stage launch is part of a new Honda campaign that seeks to raise awareness of the brand among the younger generation. Through this 360-degree, multi-platform music program, music fans can access custom live and online performances, behind the scenes content, interviews, and more, while also putting the Honda brand name out there.

To get a taste of what Honda is doing, make sure you stop by the Honda Stage YouTube page today!

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