Honda Set to Launch 2015 Spirior in China


Honda CR-Z from the Chicago AutoShow

The hype surrounding the launch of Honda’s new CR-Z at the Chicago Autoshow earlier this year is similar to the excitement that China is facing looking towards the new 2015 Honda Spirior.

Honda is known for making great sedans. Whether it’s the compact Honda Fit, mid-sized Honda Accord, or stylish and innovative Honda BR-Z, consumers love whatever Honda has up their sleeve. That’s why it comes as no surprise that the Chinese car market is anxiously awaiting the arrival of the updated 2015 Honda Spirior.

The Japanese carmaker’s newest model for the compact-sedan segment might be just what the Chinese market is looking for. While the Spirior is currently on-sale across China, Honda has decided to add more appeal to the sedan, redesigning the car and tweaking its current engines a bit to give it more power. The Spirior will even add a new 8-speed DCT, all without changing the current price tag too much.

Honda will launch the 2015 Honda Spirior in China sometime towards the end of this year, though the production version is expected to debut at the Guangzhou Auto Show in early December. While the Spirior isn’t making its way to America, Honda is launching a similar vehicle in the Acura TLX in America at some point later this year or early next year and we can expect a redesign similar to the one done for the Spirior. Make sure you check back with Basney Honda for an update on the 2015 Honda Spirior!

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