Honda Takes Step Into Hands-Free Future with Self-Driving Car

2014 Acura TLX Prototype

The TLX Protype shown off at Auto Shows earlier this year can actually help steer your car, enabling you to relax a little more behind the wheel.

Honda’s dedication to autonomous car technology was first revealed to all of us in Detroit and even more recently, Honda again showed off their innovative self-driving car technology.


Through a combination of radar, sensors, and cameras, Honda’s self-driving Acura TLX took a variety of drivers on a spin through the city of Detroit. The car encouraged drivers to take their hands off the wheel with an audio cue and a light on the dashboard and immediately began seamlessly merging into traffic and changing lanes with ease.


Screens inside the car showed a variety of sensor data, allowing the car to detect objects hundreds of meters directly in front of the car. If traffic was too heavy for the car to control itself, another audio cue signaled the driver to take over again. While Honda has yet to release an exact time line as to when the technology might show up in their cars, we expect it to shape the future of the company.


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