Honda Road Readers Program Encourages Children’s Creativity During Drives

Honda Road Readers Program

Highway to the Honda Road Readers Program

The new Honda Road Readers Program is a new app for Apple and Android designed to encourage children to be creative during their daily drives. The app provides free access to audiobooks for kids in a wide array of genres from classic literature to contemporary novels, most of which come with discussion questions to inspire critical thinking.

The goal of the program, according to Assistant Vice President of Honda Media and Marketing Susie Rossick, is to “provide an education and entertaining alternative to the usual car ride and inspire young listeners to learn and vividly imagine.”

The Honda Road Readers program follows with Honda’s Power of Dreams philosophy, as it seeks to empower children and give them better reasoning and listening skills that will aid them in the classroom and in their future careers. The audiobook program is an excellent alternative to other forms of car ride entertainment like tablets because they take children’s eyes away from the screen and force them to develop other skills, which parents agree is an important part of childhood development. Try to sign up in the South Bend, IN near Basney Honda today!

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