See Civic Type R in New Honda Promo Video “The Otherside”

2015 Honda Civic

The Honda Civic shows off its ability to get the job done, no matter what the job is, in the latest Honda Promo Video “The Otherside,” where you can see the Honda go from racing get-away car, to carpool vehicle.

In its efforts to pitch the new Civic Type R, Honda has created a visual experience that is extremely unique, highly engaging and very entertaining. It brings together two narratives, each mirroring the other. One happens during the day; one occurs at night.

The story that occurs during the day is a simple one. We’re shown a man picking up his daughter from school in a white Honda Civic hatchback and then taking her to a party. In the story that occurs at night, that same man seems to be participating in a heist. Looks like he’s the getaway driver for a burglary at an art museum! The getaway driver is driving a naughty-looking red Honda Civic Type R.

The cool part is that to see this other story, the getaway, you have to hold down Alt + R key on your keyboard. You can toggle back and forth between the two stories and see how Honda very creatively mirrors the two.  Watch the Honda promo video “The Otherside” by clicking on this link:, and let us at Basney Honda know what you think!

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