Honda Mobility Technology: Taking You Where You Want to Go

Honda recently released details on some of its advanced mobility projects that will be officially unveiled at the 2015 SAE conference at the end of this month. Honda Mobility Technology focuses on bringing innovative engineering to the places never seen before, such as the home and work.

Two of the most prominent projects Honda has been working on include the ASIMO, Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility, a robot designed to help mobility impaired individuals. The ASIMO robot can run, walk, lift heavy objects, and even surf the web, according to Honda. This is one of many cool new prototypes.

“The Honda corporate objective ‘to be a company society wants to exist’ offers a framework to understand why we are so deeply involved in experimental research to create devices that will help counteract the forces of time, nature, or accident that impede the human ability to move freely,” said Honda in a press release.

Aside from ASIMO, Honda also revealed the UNI-CUB design, a small scooter-like device capable of taking you virtually anywhere. The UNI-CUB fits nearly everywhere an individual can fit, powered by a small motor. The new system steers by having the driver lean where they want to go. This is just one of the many cool new features of the Mobility Project.

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