Honda Named Highway Safety Hero

Honda Civic Interior - Rearview Camera

Honda’s been named a “Highway Safety Hero” by the Advocates for Highway and Auto safety in part for its features such as the rearview camera which has become standard on almost all of their new vehicles.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Honda!


While Honda can’t exactly leap entire buildings in a single bound, the Japanese carmaker was recently recognized as a different kind of hero—a “Highway Safety Hero” by the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety. Through the company’s commitment to introduce new technology looking to reduce pedestrian injuries, while also enhancing driver visibility, Honda became the sole company honored with this new title, along with 26 current and former members of Congress, eight state officials, and 14 citizen activists.


“For more than a decade, Honda has focused on reducing the threat of injuries to pedestrians as part of our ‘Safety for Everyone’ approach,” said Chuck Thomas, chief safety engineer at Honda R&D Americas, Inc. who accepted the award on Honda’s behalf. “As we continue to research other advanced technologies, such as vehicle-to-pedestrian sensing technologies, this work will be an integral part of our dream to eliminate motor vehicle collisions entirely.”


Honda has lead the car industry in safety and driver assistive technologies as standard equipment for years, introducing features such as collapsible hood hinges and breakaway windshield wiper pivots that will reduce pedestrian industry in the case of a crash. They’ve even made sure that over 94% of their cars come standard with rearview cameras!


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