Honda “Green Dealer” Guide Encourages Reduced Energy Use

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Honda released the Honda “Green Dealer” guide to help dealerships have a smaller carbon footprint so we can preserve views like this for years to come.

Being a “green” automaker doesn’t just mean making green cars. It means being environmentally conscious across the entire business, which is exactly why Honda has released the Honda “Green Dealer” guide. It offers a roadmap to practicing environmentally responsible business while simultaneously reducing costs. While many automakers have a guide they share internally, Honda stepped it up a notch. Honda released this guide publicly, asking dealers across all brands to take initiative and reduce their environmental footprint.

The Honda “Green Dealer” guide was written based on the automaker’s experience in reducing consumption over the last three years through its Environmental Leadership Program. The program has led to incredible success, helping 45 Honda and Acura dealers to reduce their CO2 emissions by about 5,000 tons–the equivalent of the energy needed to power more than 600 homes for a year.

“The bottom line is that green business is good business, and this guide gives dealers the tools they need to become more efficient and profitable at the same time,” said Steven Center, Vice President of American Honda’s Environmental Business Development Office.

Here’s some food for thought: according to a recent Honda news release, “A 10% reduction in energy use by America’s 17,000+ new car dealerships would eliminate nearly 800,000 tons of CO2 annually, or the equivalent carbon footprint of the electricity needed to power approximately 96,000 homes for a year.”

Download the Honda “Green Dealer” Guide at or for more information, stop by Basney Honda.

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