Honda FIT Mods at SEMA Show Look Vicious

2015 Honda FIT rear view

Ad if the Honda FIT wasn’t quirky enough for you already, the new modifications made at the SEMA show really made it stand out from the crowd.

The Honda Fit was given a downright sinister makeover at the latest SEMA show as customizers took the usually mild-mannered car and gave it a brand new, fierce kit. The biting image of the Kenny Vinces Fit’s red-rimmed wheels against the silver body was enough to bring the devilish nature lurking deep down in the Fit’s core.

Another design, the MAD Industries Fit, blacks out the Fit and adds a touch of venom with yellow wheels being its only splash of color.

That’s the true beauty of shows like SEMA. Enthusiasts can go wild with customization and bring out different sides of well known cars. Not only does this let car lovers live out their wildest dreams, it can also spark inspiration in the industry itself and result in future changes to design and build.

Honda is always happy to see fans get really into customizing their favorite Honda vehicles.

Basney Honda loves seeing what Honda FIT mods at SEMA show do with the normal cars we see on our lots. For more news on auto shows, check back with us every week!

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