Honda Fit in Top 10 Best Interiors

Honda Fit in Top 10 Best InteriorsIt’s no easy task rating the interiors of new United States market vehicles and creating a top 10 list featuring only the best of the best. That’s exactly what WardsAuto World did over the past couple of months and their Top 10 Best Interiors List is one of the most anticipated. This year, the list is comprised of three sedans, two hatchbacks, two crossovers, two pickup trucks, and a minivan. One of those two hatchbacks is the Honda Fit.

“It’s important that great interiors be available in every class of vehicle, not just luxury models that most consumers will never be able to afford,” said Drew Winter, WardsAuto World Editor-in-Chief.

The Honda Fit debuted as one of the first hatchbacks to distinguish itself from the competition by offering extra features while keeping the price around $15,000. Now in its third generation, the Fit is better than ever with more legroom, a spacious cabin, and a new configuration. The top-of-the-line model runs in at $22,000 and doesn’t cut corners. The EX-L is fully loaded and retains the “Magic Seats” that allow easy storage for large objects, like bikes.

These features continue to set the Honda Fit apart from the competition almost 10 years after its market debut. Maybe it’s time to check one out for yourself.

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