Honda CNG Station To Help Make Local Operations Greener

Honda CNG station

“SARTA CNG Fueling Station” by Jennagraber


Honda is known for its forward-thinking approach to the automotive world. For the Japanese automaker, it’s not just about making less of an environmental impact because that’s what sells—it’s because it is the right thing to do.

Honda recently took another big step towards a more conscientious business practice by opening a compressed natural gas fueling station. The public station is located on Honda’s Marysville campus in Ohio.

“As part of our overall commitment to being an environmentally responsible company, we have continued to look for ways to reduce our logistics emissions impact,” said Dana McBrien, Associate Chief Advisor of North America Logistics for Honda. “The use of CNG as an alternative fuel allows us to do that.”

The new Honda CNG station was created for persons and businesses that have adopted CNG as their alternative fuel of choice. The brand new station features three Class 8 dispensers for cargo trucks but it can also serve passenger vehicles that run on CNG. Honda plans to use the filling station for trucks that the automaker employs in their operations.

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