Honda and Hispanic Scholarship Fund Creates Opportunities for Future Students

Honda and Hispanic Scholarship Fund

Honda Is Investing In Our Future

Sometimes, all it takes is one simple union to make a big difference like when Honda North America Inc. and the Hispanic Scholarship Fund work together to create opportunities for undergraduate students of Latino descent.

This year, the Honda and Hispanic Scholarship Fund awarded 16 outstanding Latino students with scholarships for their upcoming semesters. The awards were handed out at the annual Scholar Award Breakfast in Columbus, Ohio. Only those students with excellent performance and a 3.0 grade point average or higher were eligible. The scholarships were $5,000, which will help the students pay for books, tuition, and housing.

Honda did its part to create unique opportunities for these students by inviting each of them to interview for a position in their summer immersion internship program. In this program, students would get hands-on experience in what it’s like to work in automobile manufacturing.

After the award ceremony, students also took a visit to Honda’s Marysville, Ohio factory to get an idea of the manufacturing, research, and development ends of the business. The tour was completed with a trip through the Honda Heritage Center Museum, which gives a glimpse of the growth and development of Honda.

Honda and Hispanic Scholarship Fund hope that their partnership helps provide Latino students with the inspiration and resources they need to complete their higher education and make their futures great.

See what all of us at Basney Honda have been doing around Mishawaka and South Bend, IN for community service as well.

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