Honda Aeroacoustic Wind Tunnel to Cost $124 Million

Honda’s Transportation Research Center in East Liberty, Ohio has served as the testing facility for models like the Acura NSX. Now, the Japanese automaker is preparing to break ground on a multi-million dollar addition to the facility. A new aeroacoustic wind tunnel will allow the manufacturer to help create quieter, more comfortable vehicles.

Aeroacoustics is essentially the study of noise created by air flowing over an object. In this case, the object is a car. When applied to the automotive industry, aeroacoustics are used to help reduce the noise wind noise within a vehicle’s cabin.

Honda’s new aeroacoustic wind tunnel will be able to test vehicles at wind speeds of up to 192 mph. Cameras and microphones will be set up throughout the tunnel and will allow designers and engineers to find and fix problematic wind noise within the test vehicles.

The new wind tunnel will feature a five-belt rolling road designed to test production vehicles like the Honda Accord and HR-V. A second single-belt system will be used to develop high performance vehicles.

Honda won’t be the only company making use of the wind tunnel. Other groups and companies will be allowed to use it to develop their products as well.

We here at Basney Honda can’t wait to see how the new aeroacoustic wind tunnel impacts future Honda vehicles!

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