Five Ways To Make Driving Fun Again

make driving fun again

Dog Need Driving Fun Too

Is your long commute been getting you down? Here are five ways to help you make driving fun again!


Hypermiling is what people do when they want to put the EPA to shame for those so-called EPA-estimated fuel economy numbers. Drivers avoid unnecessarily aggressive acceleration, brake overuse and turn their vehicles off instead of idling for too long.


Remember how cool it was when your parents read to you as a child? Audiobooks can be just as cool as that! Pick a few titles from your favorite genre and give it a go. It can really enhance your drive.

New music

Music streaming apps make it very easy to explore new music these days. Service-curated lists and user-shared lists mean you can sit back, enjoy the drive and discover your new favorite artists.

Take a road trip

Nothing can get your excited about being behind the wheel like a road trip with your best friend. Pick a cool destination or for an even more thrilling time, be spontaneous.

Drive a fun car.

We recommend the Honda CR-Z Sport Hybrid. Not only is this car sporty, but it also gets great fuel efficiency thanks to its hybrid powertrain.

What would you add to this list? Maybe, playing a fun game with the family as you drive, or trying to find unique landmarks? Tell us what you like, and check back with the Basney Honda blog, or visit us in Mishawaka, IN today.

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