First Glimpse: The 2016 Honda Civic

It’s officially here thanks to a few patent drawings, so feast your eyes on this first glimpse of the upcoming 2016 Honda Civic. first broke the news with pictures showing off the next-generation Civic coupe and sedan.

The patent drawings are very, very similar to the concept we saw at the New York Auto Show so we’re excited to see the full production model coming soon. When asked about the upcoming model, Guy Melville-Brown, Civic’s lead designer confirmed that there were aspects of the New York concept that would be seen in the production Civic.

Even though the production Civic will be a toned down version of what we saw in New York, there are still bold elements featured. From the patent drawings you can see newly shaped headlamps and front fascia.

If you’re interested in seeing a side by side comparison of the Civic concept we saw in New York and the patent pictures, click here.

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