Express Your Holiday Cheer with Christmas Car Decorations

Christmas Car Decorations

During the holiday season, everyone spends a lot of time in the car: driving to see relatives, transporting the tree, shopping like their life depended on it, and travelling to holiday parties. Shouldn’t we all take the time to deck, not only the halls, but also our Hondas?

Here are some creative ways to decorate your car to show your Christmas cheer without breaking your holiday budget.

  1. Buy window markers and paints and let the kiddos draw Christmas trees, stars, Santa Claus, snowflakes, and presents all over the windows of the car, along with lyrics to Christmas songs and well wishes. This instantly screams “Happy holidays” without being tacky or leaving you penniless.
  2. Buy a string of battery operated lights and wrap them around your luggage rack. If rain or snow is on its way, make sure to wrap the battery compartment to avoid fuse shortages. These cute little Christmas car decorations only cost around $10.
  1. Hang a wreath on the front of your car. The hood is what a lot of people see when they pass you going the opposite direction, so spreading a little Christmas cheer on that spot is an effective way to keep up their holiday spirit.

Whatever you chose to do to show your joy during this season, we hope you share it with us at Basney Honda.

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