Another Honda Fit Price Drop For Customers New and Old

Honda Fit Price Drop - Honda Fit InteriorHonda is continuing to make life even easier for environmentally conscious consumers on a budget. The Honda Fit EV – which is fueled by an electric motor/lithium-ion battery combo – has had its price slashed, not only for new customers but also for existing fans.

A Fit lease is now only $199 a month, down from the $259 previous price and the $389 original price. Current Fit drivers who love their vehicles aren’t being shorted here, as they can adopt these new conditions as well.

Plus, while drivers have to cover their own liability insurance, Honda will cover any collision damage and repairs for the model completely free, as has always been the case with the Fit EV.

This price drop in conjunction with the long-term money saved from driving an electric vehicle makes the Fit incredibly affordable for most customers. The only thing else you need is perhaps a home charger, which can fully charge the Fit in less than three hours.

Will you take advantage of the Honda Fit price drop? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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