How To Recycle Leaves

Recycle Leaves

Here’s How Cats Like To Use Leaves

Now that the autumn season is truly upon us, the leaves are starting to fall at an alarming rate. Once you rake your leaves or blow them into piles, what will you do with them? Here are some tips to help recycle leaves:


  • Leaves create excellent, nutritious mulch, and are much easier to maintain than wood mulch. Plus, leaf mulch is free.
  • Similarly, leaves make an ideal addition to compost piles. If you don’t already have a compost pile, why not start with this season’s leaves?
  • You could also consider simply keeping some of the leaves, pressing them into books or implementing them into crafts and decorations.
  • Don’t want your leaves? Instead of just throwing them away, consider sharing them with a neighbor who may be interested in the mulch or compost they can provide.
  • Are there any children or pets in your life that may enjoy simply playing in the piles of leaves? Maybe leave them out for a bit, enjoying their festive nature.


Do you have any other suggestions on how to recycle leaves? Let us know what you do each year in the comments! Basney Honda in Mishawaka, IN would like to know.

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